Webinar - Kubernetes Fundamentals


Thursday, February 13, 2020, 4:00 – 5:30 PM UTC

In-person event

About this event

Greetings cloud enthusiasts πŸ‘‹

To kick off 2020, our community member, Roger Dsouza, has kindly agreed to host our first online meetup! This session is a webinar on Kubernetes fundamentals and aimed at cloud enthusiasts who would like an introduction to the world of Kubernetes.
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πŸ‘€ Speaker: Roger Dsouza

Roger holds a Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from VTU, Bangalore India.
Over 15 Years of experience in ITSM, IT Infrastructure Management and Service Virtualization working in India, Australia, Middle East and Africa region.
He has worked on Application Performance Management, IT Service Management, Automation and IT Infrastructure Management tools from CA Technologies.
He is currently Practice Manager (Enterprise Security & Automation) for CA Southern Africa is responsible for designing and implementing solutions based on the CA Technologies stack for various Retail, Telecommunications and Banking clients in South Africa.

Certifications: TOGAF Certified, ITIL v4 Foundation, ISO27001 Practitioner. Currently pursuing AWS Architect Professional and Certfied Kubernetes Administrator certifications.
Interests: Virtualization,AWS Cloud and Cloud Native Technologies such as Kubernetes.
Personal Interests: Binge watch series on Netflix and travel across the world.

πŸ‘₯ Intended Audience:
Individuals who are new to containers and Container Orchestration Engines (including Kubernetes)

πŸ“š Pre-requisite:
A basic understanding of Docker and container technologies is required

πŸ—“ Agenda: (Total Duration: 60 – 75 minutes)

1. Presentation (20 Mins)
--a. Introduction to Container Orchestration Engine (COE)
--b. Need for COE
--c. Kubernetes History
--d. Kubernetes Concepts
----i. Cluster Components
----ii. Master Components: Control Plane Β§ API Server Β§ ETCD Β§ Controller Managers Β§ Kube-Scheduler
----iii. Node Components: Kubelet, Kube-proxy and Container Runtime (DockerD, Containerd and Rkt (Rocket)
--e. Kubernetes Objects
----i. YAML Manifests for declaring Kubernetes Objects
----ii. Namespaces
----iii. Pod
----iv. Deployment
----v. Service
----vi. ReplicaSets
2. Demo (40 Mins)
--a. Downloading software to setup a single node cluster
----i. Virtualbox
----ii. Kubectl
----iii. Minikube
--b. Setting up a Single node cluster on your laptop with minikube
----i. Creating a single node cluster
----ii. Launching the minikube dashboard
--c. Kubectl
----i. Kubectl basic commands and kubectl cheatsheet
----ii. Creating a namespaces and managing resources under namespaces
----iii. Walk-through of the kube-system namespace and various services
----iv. Deploy a pod using kubectl command line (imperative)
----v. Manage a deployment using kubectl and manifest file (Declarative)
----vi. Demonstrate the concept of ReplicaSet and autoscaling
----vii. Describing pods, nodes and namespaces. Exposing pods through Services
----viii. Troubleshooting deployments

3. Questions and Discussions (10 mins)

Unfortunately no pizza will be provided for this meetup, but you are welcome to grab a beer from your fridge πŸ˜„

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Thursday, February 13, 2020
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM UTC

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