CI/CD with Jenkins X and feedbacks from Dailymotion and Everoad


Feb 19, 2019, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

Hi folks!

We're back again for a new amazing event which will be mainly focused on CI/CD workflows.

First of all, we would like to thank our sponsors: Dailymotion for hosting the meetup and Cloudbees for the pizzas and drinks.

We're glad to welcome Viktor Farcic (Developer advocate @Cloudbees) who will talk about Jenkins X.

* Cloud-Native Kubernetes-First Continuous Delivery With Jenkins X

Viktor Farcic is a Developer Advocate at CloudBees, a member of the Docker Captains group, and published author.

Jenkins X, an open source project introduced to the community by CloudBees, enables the rapid creation, delivery and orchestration of cloud-native applications based on continuous delivery best practices and the proven Kubernetes platform.

By combining the power of Jenkins, its community and the power of Kubernetes, the Jenkins X project provides a path to the future of continuous delivery for microservices and cloud-native applications.

Jenkins X is Jenkins and additional best of breed tools and software for Kubernetes. It provides an interactive command-line interface to instantiate applications, repositories, environments, and pipelines and orchestrate continuous integration and continuous delivery.

It is the CI/CD solution for development of modern cloud applications on Kubernetes.

We'll explore how to create a fully operational continuous delivery pipeline using Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins X, and quite a few other tools.

* Migrating our CI/CD pipeline to Kubernetes with Jenkins X

Vincent Behar : "I’m a Go dev, using Kubernetes since July 2015 – through Openshift first – and Jenkins since 2007. And no, I’m not old yet ;-) I’ve always end up as the CI/tooling guy in the team, and I wrote my first automated CI/CD pipeline in 2011 with Jenkins, Rundeck and bash scripts. And I’m excited about Jenkins X since September 2018, when we first started to play with it."

At Dailymotion, we are big users and fans of Kubernetes. We already run a lot of applications on Kubernetes, but not yet all of them. And when the time came to migrate our adtech stack from AWS EC2 instances to GKE, we wanted to start with our CI/CD pipeline.

This talk will be a return of our experience migrating our CI/CD pipeline from Jenkins to Jenkins X on Kubernetes:

- Why we chose Jenkins X
- What are the impacts for us
- How we are doing this migration, in term of processes, people, practices and tools
- Some of the issues we had, and how we solved them
- And of course the next steps!

We’ll cover tools such as Kubernetes, Jenkins, Helm, Kaniko, GKE, Osiris, …

This talk is loosely based on our medium post

* From GitHub / Heroku / CircleCI to Gitlab (CI/CD) / Kubernetes (using Helm & Vault)

Jérémy Wimsingues : "I am a DevOps since January 2017. After my studies I was attracted by reducing the friction between Dev & Ops and I was fascinated by the Cloud mouvement. I followed Kubernetes since its very early stage (1.3) where I tried to deploy on demand Kubernetes cluster using Openstack CoreOS and OVH."

You are a startup evolving with Heroku and Github? You want to scale up your team with CI/CD and Kubernetes? Come to ear my REX about this amazing migrations.
We will tackle the best practices to follow and also the mistakes I have made to not reproduce them! We will cover the installation of Gitlab, the runners inside Kubernetes and the CI/CD of microservices using Helm and Vault for secured deployment!
We will also have a brief view about what the CI/CD pipeline can allow you to do such as providing new services for your developers like on demande test environment, running script on your infrastructure etc!

See you soon!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


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