Containers security and Cloud Native Storage with OpenEBS

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Wed, Jun 26, 2019, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Hello everyone!

Don't miss our last meetup before the summer break!
First of all we'd like to thank CriteoLabs ( for hosting this event.

There will be 3 awesome talks focusing on containers security and storage.

Here is our agenda


* Securing DevOps CI/CD Pipelines in the Cloud


About Jesus ESCOLAR: CEO of EXELERYS, an emerging start-up fighting cybersecurity threats through multiple consolidated services and solutions portfolio across EMEA. He has intervened in multiple events including Cloud Expo Europe, ISACA, InfoSec to provide a holistic view on the actual and future view on threat intelligence, where problems and solutions for known and unknown issues where addressed and discussed.


Through DevSecOps and SecDevops we have attained a new paradigm: Newer Threats on CI/CD environments.
We think, we develop, we build, but do we secure?
What’s the integration between CI/CD and Containers/Microservices?
What are the existing threats?
How do you mitigate them?

(This is an advanced presentation for DevOps where the audience needs to understand the CI/CD framework by heart)


* A secure journey on Kubernetes

Julien is a Solution Engineer at Giant Swarm. Having background as a Java developer and a lot of frustration acquired, he was able to find his way in DevOps culture, Docker and Kubernetes, and containerization stuff & OSS community. He fell in love with Go and tries to bring other people along. He likes to share his passion with Belgian Tech Communities. He currently helps on running applications securely and successfully on kubernetes.

Kubernetes is like an onion. Many layers. Each layer brings its own set of vulnerabilities; learning how to mitigate them is important. During this presentation you will learn how to analyze, scan, and fix your vulnerabilities, starting from the infrastructure and moving all the way up to the application runtime.

* Using Kubernetes to solve Kubernetes persistent with OpenEBS

Jeffry (CTO @Mayadata) prior to MayaData has worked at several other startups in the
storage industry. At MayaData, his primary focus is rethinking the
storage for cloud native workloads.

Initially, Kubernetes was designed for ephemeral workloads that would
allow for cloud-native applications to scale up and down on demand. As
k8s is becoming the center of many IT operations, people wanted to use
the abstraction of k8s and apply them to persistent workloads as well.
However, this goes against, certain fundamental aspects of k8s in
terms of the Pets vs Cattle. Due to the inherent nature of storage,
most noticeably its inertia, it is important to keep the agility that
k8s delivers, remains in the face of persistent workloads. This means
that big monolithic services that provide storage in any way shape or
form, is an unnatural fit, to begin with (pet). As such, which
cloud-native patterns could we use to build a persistent storage layer
in Kubernetes for Kubernetes? The most dominant reason for this is
that studies have shown that most innovation happens due to so-called
“shadow IT” where developers “go somewhere else” to break the chains
of the legacy infrastructure and where code as infrastructure plays a
dominant role (GitOPs). During this talk, we will go over the journey
of the openEBS project, discuss how it uses micro-services to provide
storage to microservices where the developer is in full control and is
our primary persona. We will discuss basic k8s concepts like
Persistent Volumes, Persistent Volume Claims, Storage Classes and the
operator patterns.

Hope to see you there folks ;)

The CNCP organization team


Wednesday, Jun 26
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CEST)


32 Rue Blanche Paris