Kubernetes operators & A journey to the cloud - Sponsorised by LaFourchette

70 Rue Saint-Lazare - 70 Rue Saint-Lazare Paris - View Map Paris
Thu, Sep 26, 2019, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Hello everyone!

The holidays are done, this is now the time of starting a new season of CNCF Paris meetups !

First of all we'd like to thank LaFourchette for hosting and sponsoring this event.

There will be 2 awesome talks focusing on the journey of LaFourchette to the cloud, moreover, a talk about the easy way of kubernetes operators with KUDO.

Here is our agenda


* LaFourchette journey to the cloud »


Arnaud BAZIN, Senior Ops Engineer & Quentin BERNARD, Senior Ops Engineer


LaFourchette is moving to the cloud to substain it's 2 digits growth. We will present our journey to prepare this transition and build a scalable platform ready to handle hundred of micro services and decade of deployments a day.


* KUDO - Kubernetes Operators, the easy way


Denis Jannot, D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere)


Kubernetes Operators are the next phase of the journey towards automating complex applications in containers. Many Operators that exist today handle initial deployment, but they don't provide automation for tasks like binary upgrades, configuration updates, and failure recovery. Implementing a production-grade controller for a complex workload typically requires thousands of lines of code and many months of development. As a result, the quality of operators that are available today varies. In Mesosphere DC/OS, the DC/OS commons SDK enables anyone to build service automation for DC/OS using just a declarative spec in most cases. The Kudo project can now leverage this set of automation expertise to enable automated creation of operators for Kubernetes. In this talk I'll introduce the Kudo project, talk through the conceptual similarities between frameworks and operators, and demo the creation of a Kubernetes operator using Kudo.

Hope to see you there folks ;)

The CNCP organization team


Thursday, Sep 26
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CEST)


70 Rue Saint-Lazare
70 Rue Saint-Lazare Paris