Meetup #13 @Datadog : Monitoring best practices and Containers networking

Datadog - 1 rue de Metz, 75010, Paris Paris - View Map Paris
Thu, Nov 16, 2017, 7:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Hi all !

We're happy to announce our next meetup. (the 16th of november)

This event will be sponsored by Datadog in their Parisian offices. Thanks to them !


• Monitoring in motion: Challenges in monitoring Kubernetes, and dynamic infrastructure

Bio:  Haïssam joined the Datadog team in early 2015. Here he focuses on monitoring containers and their eco-system, developing tooling to track containerized applications in a cluster and collect metrics about them, and designing how to best monitor container infrastructure at scale.


Kubernetes and containers in general have changed how we run applications, but also how we can track and monitor them.

We will start with a crash course about monitoring and why it is important, then we will discuss new challenges that dynamic infrastructure bring us around monitoring, as well as some methods for finding signal in the noise. 

Finally we will jump into how to apply it all to containers running in Kubernetes.

Note: This talk will be held in english

• Building dynamic Docker overlays using BGP

Bio:  Laurent Bernaille is a solution architect specialized in cloud, containers, and automation. He is an open source enthusiast and has lately been focusing on helping organizations improve their deployment pipelines. He is really interested in how these new technologies are transforming organizations and IT jobs. Laurent tweets at @lbernai


The Docker network overlay driver relies on several technologies: network namespaces, VXLAN, Netlink and a distributed key-value store. 

This talk will present each of these mechanisms one by one along with their userland tools and show hands-on how they interact together when setting up an overlay to connect containers. 

The talk will continue with a demo showing how to build your own simple overlay using these technologies. 

Finally it will show how we can dynamically distribute IP and MAC information to every hosts in the overlay using BGP EVPN and how this overlay can be extended to non-docker workloads.

Hope to see you there !

The CNCP Organization team


Thursday, Nov 16
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CET)


1 rue de Metz, 75010, Paris Paris