Meetup #16 @Deezer: Dynamic Fluentd and Prometheus on Deezer infrastructure


Feb 15, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

In-person event

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Hi Everyone,

Our next meetup it be great, with a fabulous line up of speakers! from Deezer, Xebia, Docker.


- Alexis from Xebia : Dynamic Fluentd configuration in an immutable infrastructure context` with - Antoine Leroyer, Infrastructure Engineer/SRE, Deezer : From nothing to Prometheus. - Special guest from Docker Community Vincent Demeester. Please find the agenda detail below:



Dynamic Fluentd configuration in an immutable infrastructure context`

Speaker :

Alexis "Horgix" Chotard is a french systems and software engineer currently working at Xebia ( ).

With a software engineering background, and experiences more inclined toward systems and infrastructure, he naturally finds himself at home around "DevOps" topics. Alexis "Horgix" is eager to automate everything he can and currently loves working on various topics such as continuous integration and deployment, or design of dynamic architectures and applications integration into these. He's happy to face new challenges with the gain in popularity of containers and to look for evolutions of traditionnal workflows. On his spare time, he also maintains a bunch of ArchLinux packages, contributes to Open Source projects and plays with Cloud Native solutions to be able to use them in real clients projects. ```

Abstract :

Fluentd is too often overlooked in favour of alternatives such as Logstash. This talk is the opportunity for you to discover Fluentd but also to learn more about it for those already familiar with this Open Source log parsing and shipping solution.
Through a real-life production feedback, you will see what it's like to use it in production with a real and modern use case: how to deploy and configure Fluentd when we're practicing immutable infrastructure on the cloud, with an ever-changing topology? How to enrich our logs with numerous metadata from AWS EC2 dynamically retrieved by Fluentd itself? How to have a modern Docker-like approach by retrieving logs from systemd services through journald?
So many questions that need to be answered when we want to do things the clean way, and to which this talk will try to provide answers with supporting examples.



From nothing to Prometheus: one year after (talk in french)

Speaker :

Antoine Leroyer, Infrastructure Engineer/SRE, Deezer.

Antoine is a young, freshly graduated and passionate engineer. He started his job one year ago at Deezer. He deployed Prometheus as their monitoring system and participated in core infrastructure projects.

Abstract :

Deezer is a company running a large baremetal infrastructure on multiple sites. When I started my job in this company, most of the infrastructure was run by their provider. The challenge was to install a new monitoring system that can support baremetal infrastructure and also ready for containers orchestration. During this talk, we will see: how we manage to monitor every servers and services in the infrastructure, the architecture used for Prometheus, and what's next on monitoring for us.

Hope to see you there :)
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Thursday, February 15, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


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