Cloud Native Computing Meetup September 2017

Liip Arena - Limmatstrasse 183 Zürich - View Map Cloud Native Computing Switzerland
Tue, Sep 5, 2017, 6:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

Deploy services with Kubernetes on Openstack using the cloud LBaaS and the Cinder volumes (20')

Saverio Proto from SWITCH

Most K8s examples and tutorials are based on public cloud infrastructures like AWS and GCE. However K8s works in the same way with Openstack if configured properly. In this talk we show how K8s interacts with Openstack to create load balancers, and to attach cinder volumes to Docker containers running into Openstack instances.

Lagoon - an open source Docker build and deploy system (20')

Michael Schmid from AmazeeIO

Every's dev and ops dream is to develop code locally in the same Docker Images that are also running on production. Lagoon allows you exactly to do that. It takes you code hosted in git, reads docker-compose.yml files, builds Docker Images, creates OpenShift Resources and monitors deployments. All you have to do is to push into a Git repository.

Promcon 2017 - Updates and News (20')

Darragh Grealish

A look back at the Promcon 2017.

Migration of OpenShift Apps with OS2OS (15')

Manuel Ramírez López from ZHAW SPLab

We all know how to deploy applications into the cloud. But true cloud-native applications should be able to traverse different clouds as needed, including public and on-premise deployments. This talk gives a first glimpse at OS2OS, a tool under development to migrate applications between OpenShift installations.

Discussion: FaaS aka Serverless. Hype or real usage? (15')

Tobias Brunner from VSHN

Many news are posted all day about Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) aka Serverless. I'd like to discuss with you: Is it just a hype or has it a real use? And from the people already using it: What is your experience?


Tuesday, Sep 5
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CEST)


Liip Arena
Limmatstrasse 183 Zürich