Creating event-driven workflows using Knative & Direktiv

Cloud Native Dojo
Sun, Dec 12, 2021, 4:00 AM (AEDT)

About this event

Now that Knative has applied to become a CNCF incubating project we are seeing vast adoption from startups to enterprises for serverless applications using Knative.

Finding a home in the CNCF secures Knative’s long-term future and encourages continuing and open innovation. This donation recognizes the adoption and investment in Knative from the community and will encourage further multi-vendor innovation, broader education, and training.

Having trouble getting started with Serverless workflows? Join Brad McCoy, Wilhelm Wonigkeit, and Jens Gerke as they show how Direktiv helps with adopting Knative-eventing and Knative-serving in creating event-driven workflows.