Test Your Kubernetes Application Natively with TestKube

Cloud Native Dojo
Wed, Jan 26, 2022, 7:30 AM (AEDT)

About this event

Microservices, CI/CD, DevOps, GitOps, cluster networking, remote access, etc. — more and more teams are building software fundamentally differently than they did even a few years ago. However, testing approaches and tooling has not caught up yet. At least not till now.

What if the tests could be included in the state of a Kubernetes cluster, decoupled from the CI/CD tool de jour, utilize native k8s constructs for test definition and related artifacts, publish results aggregated in a common format, integrate with existing Kubernetes tooling like Prometheus, and external tooling via APIs?

Let’s have a look at TestKube, an open-source framework that aims to move cloud-native testing into Kubernetes. Whether you are using Postman, Cypress, JMeter, Selenium, or any other testing tool, TestKube will decouple your test execution pipeline from constraints specific to CI/CD tools and allow you to repurpose existing tests using a Kubernetes native approach to test orchestration, execution and test result management.



  • Brad McCoy

    Brad McCoy


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