April's Data Deluge: Navigating the Cloud

Cloud Native Ho Chi Minh

Apr 12, 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM

In-person event

About this event

First Talk - Event Sourcing Patterns on Azure Cosmos DB - by NFQ Thien Trinh Duc

Discover the power of event sourcing with Azure CosmosDB and Azure Function in our sharing! Learn how to build scalable, resilient systems through real-time data processing and seamless integration, transforming your architecture with serverless solutions. Unleash potential, optimize performance, and drive innovation in your applications.

Second talk - Using Apache Airflow as a container orchestrator - by AWS Ricardo Sueiras

Apache Airflow is a popular open source orchestration tool that helps you to programmatically create workflows that will help you run, schedule, monitor and manage data engineering pipelines. Apache Airflow workflows are created in Python, but increasingly users of Airflow are wanting to escape out of Python, and run their workflows using other tools, runtimes, and languages. Containers are the key to this, and in this talk I will take a look at some of the approaches you can take to run containers using Apache Airflow, including how you can run those tasks anywhere - in the clouds, or on premises.


11:00 AMRegistration & Welcoming
11:30 AMIntroduction of NFQ and AWS
11:45 AMFirst Talk - Event Sourcing Patterns on Azure Cosmos DB
12:15 PMBreak
12:30 PMSecond talk - Using Apache Airflow as a container orchestrator
1:00 PMQnA
1:30 PMPizzas & Beers


  • Vincent De Smet

    DevOps Engineer at CompareAsiaGroup

  • Tu The Hien

    Cake Digital Bank


  • Han Ngo

    Dwarves Foundation


  • Tuyền Nguyễn

    Open Infra Organizer


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