Cloud Native Talks #1 (Online Meetup)

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Wed, Dec 5, 2018, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

We are glad to invite you to the Cloud Native Talks #1 (Online Meetup) hosted by Marcin Kraszewski and Cognitive.

During this webinar, Tomasz Tarczyński will talk about “What is Cloud Native, and why should I care?”.

We hear a lot about building cloud native applications and platforms. But what does it really mean? Is it just about using a public cloud? Or is it relevant when you want to benefit from microservices architecture? And how is it related to DevOps? I will try to dig into what are the reasons why Cloud Native is worth investing our time. And also what are the patterns of it and how can we benefit from them. While preparing an ignite talk on this subject I’ve realized that to really describe the patterns and give some examples would make it rather 30-minute talk. So here I will expand on what I’ve had in that very condensed ignite talk.

It'll be shared on Cloud Native & Kubernetes Poland YouTube Channel:


18:00-18:05 - Introduction
18:05-18:55 - Tomasz Tarczyński - "What is Cloud Native, and why should I care?"
18:55-19:10 - Q&A session

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Wednesday, Dec 5
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CET)