Cloud Native + Kubernetes Manchester, June 2019


Jun 11, 2019, 5:30 – 8:30 PM

In-person event

About this event

Join us at the offices in Manchester for the June edition of Cloud Native + Kubernetes Manchester.

Approximate running order will be as follows:

6:30pm - Food and drink, sponsored by
7:00pm - Welcome
7:15pm - Kubernetes Transformation - A Case of History Repeating (Andy Burgin, Sky Betting & Gaming)
8:00pm - Break
8:15pm - How not to build a Kubernetes Cluster (Tristan Watson and Mike Ward, BookingGo)
9:00pm - Wrap up, pub (probably)

· Kubernetes Transformation - A Case of History Repeating
Sky Betting and Gaming have been on a Devops journey since 2011. They've undertaken numerous "Devops Transformations" and learned that this is an ongoing program rather than a "Big Bang" initiative. As the company has restructured in to agile autonomous tribes and squads, they've identified and reused a number of patterns and techniques as they've evolved their ways of working. This talk aims to share those learnings. It looks at how team structures changed, the way work was managed, how they learned, how products/services are owned and how they can safely increase velocity. In addition to looking holistically at the whole company, the talk will focus on one case study of how the Container Platform Squad evolved from a small greenfield POC to be the platform of choice for many projects/products across the tribes. To conclude there will be a whistle stop tour of our Kubernetes infrastructure addressing why we made certain design decisions and challenges.

Andy is a Platform Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming. He considers himself a Kubernetes and Hadoop fettler, spending a far too much of his spare time making Raspberry Pis do things they shouldn’t. He was a small part of the organising team for DevOpsDays London 2018 and has been running the Devops meetup in Leeds for 5 years hosting over 40 events. He’s attended and spoke at a bunch of DevOps conferences and in his words is ‘an all-round DevOps nuisance’.

· How not to build a Kubernetes Cluster
(Tristan Watson, Infrastructure Engineer and Mike Ward, Cloud and Infrastructure Tooling Team Lead, BookingGo)
We're heavily and increasingly using “polycloud” Kubernetes (k8s) for our production infrastructure. Before we moved to a dual region, dual public cloud environment at BookingGo, we had envisioned retaining our in-house based model and building ourselves within both our Datacentres. To begin this process, we started to build out a 3 phase environment (dev/stage/prod) but ran into a number of bugs, restrictions, and gotchas. This is essentially a war-stories talk on how not to deploy Kubernetes. Importantly, we will highlight the role open tooling has to play in the Open Infrastructure concept.

Mike is the team lead within Cloud and Tooling and has spearheaded change within the business to evaluate and implement new avenues and technologies to modernise the business. He likes Greggs.

Tristan is an Infrastructure Engineer at BookingGo working within the Cloud and Tooling team delivering Kubernetes. He likes bicycles and mechanical keyboards. Be sure to stay away from these topics in conversation.



Tuesday, June 11, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM UTC


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