(Virtual!) Cloud Native + Kubernetes Manchester, April 2020


Apr 29, 2020, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

Cloud Native and Kubernetes Manchester is going virtual! We'll be live streaming the next event on the 29th of April via YouTube:


We've got two speakers lined up with a rough order of events as follows:

6:00pm - Stream goes live
6:15pm - Controllers & Operators (Tim Bannister, Scale Factory)
7:00pm - Beyond Dashboards - Cluster Visualisation (Andy Burgin, Sky Betting & Gaming)

· Controllers & Operators (Tim Bannister, Scale Factory)
Kubernetes has a control plane that is designed to scale well even in the face of faults. How does the API machinery in the control plane make all the things happen that you want to happen?

Kubernetes uses lots of controllers. I'm going to explain what some common controllers do and how they make sure they do it well.

I'll also talk about how Kubernetes lets you add your own controllers, why you might want to do that, and I'll demo what it takes to do that.

· Beyond Dashboards - Cluster Visualisation (Andy Burgin, Sky Betting & Gaming)
It's common practice to collect a multitude of metrics from our builds, tests, releases and running applications. Typically we use dashboard tools to visualise these metrics creating a plethora of interrelated graphs and charts to enable us to quickly review performance, spot anomalies and monitor the health of our system components. Although we may have detailed knowledge of individual components of the system, can dashboards alone give us the ability to understand how those components and the many others relate, interact and operate as a complex system? Based on the analysis of Kubernetes clusters this session will demonstrate ways to "see" the workloads running on clusters. Helping to better understand a system through visualisation, anomaly identification and exploratory analysis. Using tools such as graph databases and visualisation tools, you'll see how they can help explore and understand cluster workloads. Sharing examples of how these tools have identified issues and how they can help engage with users of the systems to share best practices and ultimately improve cluster performance.

Andy is Lead Platform Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming. He considers himself a Kubernetes and Hadoop fettler, spending a far too much of his spare time making Raspberry Pis do things they shouldn’t. He is a small part of the organising team for DevOpsDays London confernence and has been runing the Devops meetup in Leeds for 7 years hosting over 50 events. He's attended and spoke at a bunch of DevOps conferences and in his words is 'an all round DevOps nuisance'.


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