MUG #2 - Regular Mesos Meetup + After Party

Centrum Konferencyjne Adgar Plaza, sala nr 5 - Aleje Jerozolimskie 181 Warsaw - View Map Warsaw
Thu, Mar 10, 2016, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

This will be second Warsaw Mesos User Group regular meetup at Centrum Szkoleniowe Adgar Ochota near Warszawa Zachodnia station (English: Warsaw West).


room number: #5

Our speakers will be:   

Bartłomiej Płotka, Szymon Konefał: "Boost your cluster with Mesos Oversubscription"

Many of the typical data centers are frequently underutilized. Operators reserve large amount of resources for high-priority, user-facing applications to cope with high loads and unexpected spikes. However, most of the time, average utilization of those tasks remain very low. Fortunately, Apache Mesos introduced Oversubscription API to mitigate that. We were involved in this process, so we’d love to explain the Oversubscription mechanics, benefits in the real environment and results of our tests using Serenity Mesos Oversubscription Module.

• Tomasz Ziarko: "Deploying Mesos with Terraform" 

Mesos relies on and is used by many different and sometimes complex components so the process of creating new Mesos environments (PROD, TEST, DEV) for development or testing takes significant amount of time. During the presentation I am going to share my experience with automation of setting entire clusters that will integrate with our environment. The stack I am going to talk about is based on the following components: Mesos Master/Slave, Zookeeper, Terraform, Marathon, Puppet, Nginx, Graphite, Grafana and many more. I would like to show how we use following tools in our daily workflow to cope our development and user needs.


• Daniel Krawczyk: "Marathon-Consul" 

All the talks will be recorded and published via Youtube.

Our great Sponsor:

Doors open at 18:00, talks start at 18:30, about 21:00 we move to a pub (free beers!). We are ready to host 100 folk in the room so there may be plenty of people to Mesos related questions with! 

Please remember to unRSVP if you realize you can't make it - it will help a lot for our crew.

PS: default language is English, but there may be some exceptions from the rule 

direct contact: [masked]

See you !


Thursday, Mar 10
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM (CET)


Centrum Konferencyjne Adgar Plaza, sala nr 5
Aleje Jerozolimskie 181 Warsaw