Cloud Native London, April 2020

Cloud Native London
Wed, Apr 8, 2020, 6:30 PM (BST)

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Due to COVID-19, we're turning this into a virtual event.

Join us online, meet the community and listen to our fantastic speakers.

6:30 Social chit chat
7:00 Kick off
7:15 The SRE journey at RVU: People, automation and data-driven decisions (Dewald Viljoen, RVU)
7:45 SSL Certificates in multi cluster environments (Amir Avraham, Alcide)
8:15 Break
8:30 Next Generation Platform Architecture (Andrei Cioaca, Capgemini)
9:00 Wrap up

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Cheryl (@oicheryl)
The SRE journey at RVU: People, automation and data-driven decisions (Dewald Viljoen, RVU)
Google’s Site Reliability Engineering books lay out the principles and practices of SRE and the workbooks provide great practical examples of implementing these practices. However, anyone who has tried to roll out such practices across an organisation will no doubt have run into some hurdles.
In this talk we will dig into how RVU got started on their SRE journey. From what prompted the initial discussions, to how we rolled out new tooling to automate away some of the pains of adoption. We’ll cover the interfaces we built to engage with teams and what other possibilities we see in the future of our SRE automation journey.

Dewald is a software engineer from London. He spent his first 10 years in software as a consultant, building many things for a variety of clients in Johannesburg, South Africa. From big banks to one-man startups, IIS and J2EE to Kubernetes and Cloud, he's been in the trenches fighting the good fight and sharing his experiences through meetups and conferences.
He left the warm, sun-drenched fields of Africa three years ago for the British Isles in pursuit of new opportunities in the platform engineering world. These days he works as the Lead SRE at RVU, engaged in rolling out reliability engineering practices across the entire organisation.
SSL Certificates in multi cluster environments (Amir Avraham, Alcide)
How to put your K8s security to work? Focus on securing and managing your app rather than worry about vulnerability and misconfiguration slips. Amir will talk about automating certificates in Kubernetes, implementing it as part of a CI/CD project into our SaaS platform and using Alcide products to secure the deployment from CI to CD.

Amir is bringing years of experience from the IT and DevOps worlds. Amir worked at major cyber brands like Imperva, Sysdig and now is part of the DevOps team at Alcide. Amir lived in San Francisco Bay area for 7 years and recently moved back to Tel-Aviv, he enjoys swimming, cycling, running and he competes at Triathlons.
Next Generation Platform Architecture (Andrei Cioaca, Capgemini)
Next generation platform architecture should be energy-efficient. Designing and writing an energy-efficient software is one of the most challenging issue in the area. A conceptual framework that provides a unifying view of the strategies, models, and tools available so far for designing and developing greener software.

Andrei Cioaca is a Lead Cloud Architect @Capgemini Cloud Solutions UK with over 15 years consultancy experience. Helping business in the digital, cloud and API space. Tech addicted with particular interest in cloud native/ cloud agnostic technologies, APIs, microservices, AI and serverless. Find him on Twitter: @andreicioaca
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