Cloud Native London, December 2019

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Tue, Dec 10, 2019, 6:30 PM (GMT)

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Hi folks!

It's our December Cloud Native London meetup: the Christmas edition! We have some fantastic speakers for you, plus some particularly tasty food and drink and networking.

6:30 Food and drink
7:00 Kick off
7:15 Introducing Kudo - Matt Jarvis, D2iQ
7:45 Securing DevOps CI/CD Pipelines in the Cloud - Jesus Escolar, EXELERYS
8:15 Break
8:30 The Age of the Cloud Native Security Platform - Ashley Ward, Twistlock
9:00 Wrap up and pub

See you there!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)

Introducing Kudo - (Matt Jarvis, D2iQ)
Kubernetes Operators are the next phase of the journey towards automating complex applications in containers. The Kudo project introduces an easy way to build Kubernetes operators using declarative YAML. Many Operators that exist today handle initial deployment, but they don’t provide automation for tasks like binary upgrades, configuration updates, and failure recovery. Implementing a production-grade controller for a complex workload typically requires thousands of lines of code and many months of development. As a result, the quality of operators that are available today varies. The Kudo project provides a universal operator to enable automated creation of operators for Kubernetes, in most cases just using YAML. In this talk, I’ll introduce the Kudo project, and demo the creation of a Kubernetes operator using Kudo.

Matt Jarvis is Senior Director of Community and Evangelism at D2iQ. Matt has spent more than 15 years building products and services around open source software, on everything from embedded devices to large scale distributed systems. Most recently he has been focused on the open cloud infrastructure space, and in emerging patterns for cloud native applications.

Securing DevOps CI/CD Pipelines in the Cloud (Jesus Escolar, EXELERYS)
Through DevSecOps and SecDevops we have attained an new paradigm: -Newer Threats on CI/CD environments.
-We think, we develop, we build, but do we secure?
-What’s the integration between CI/CD and Containers/Microservices?
-What are the existing threats?
-How do you mitigate them?

CEO of EXELERYS, an emerging start-up fighting cybersecurity threats through multiple consolidated services and solutions portfolio across EMEA. He has intervened in multiple events including Cloud Expo Europe, ISACA, InfoSec, CNCF Paris, CNCF London, UbuCon Europe, UbuCon France, SWWARP, to provide an holistic view on the actual and future view on threat intelligence. Prior to founding EXELERYS, Jesus was working actively with security vendors worldwide providing enablement and education across the different security issues the corporations faced. EXELERYS is pioneering the integration of security operations in the container infrastructure, in the DevOps CI/CD lifecycle and in the serverless ecosystem (FaaS – Function-as-a-Service) with multi-vendor API integrations and open security standards. Reach him at [masked] or on Twitter: @EXELERYS and @VirtualBlackCat

The Age of the Cloud Native Security Platform - (Ashley Ward, Twistlock)
Cloud Native enables frequent, high impact change. A Cloud Native Security Platform (CNSP) enables insight and protection for this rapidly changing environment. What does CNSP offer over and above native cloud provider tooling, why that's important, and why traditional disparate security tooling can't keep up.

Ashley Ward is a Solution Engineer for Palo Alto Networks. He helps customers implement cloud native technologies securely and with confidence. He brings 15+ years of experience to bear making full use of his experience in Unix operations for a utilities company, infrastructure architecture for a media company and taking a financial services company into public cloud and containers. A firm believer that developers deliver business value and should be empowered and supported by operational principles.


Tuesday, Dec 10
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)


Sainsburys Technology Hub
33 Holborn London


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