Cloud Native London, January 2020

Sainsburys Technology Hub - 33 Holborn London - View Map Cloud Native London
Wed, Jan 8, 2020, 6:30 PM (GMT)

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Hi folks!

Happy January! Recover from the holiday season by learning about Kubernetes and meeting your peers.

6:30 Food and drink
7:00 Kick off
7:15 Rethinking Security from Scratch: The Case for Shifting Container Security from the Edge to the Core (Chris Milsted, VMWare)
7:45 Building a Crypto Bank in the Cloud (Hussein Badakhchani, Ziglu)
8:15 Break
8:30 The DevSecOps Iceberg (Viktor Petersson, WoTT)
9:00 Wrap up and pub

See you there!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)

Rethinking Security from Scratch: The Case for Shifting Container Security from the Edge to the Core (Chris Milsted, VMWare)
There are some guidelines for building container images which are emerging as industry best practises, one of these is to create your container images as small as possible. Technically this is a good thing as it reduces the time taken for images to be pulled across the network, speeding up container start times. In this talk we will look at a couple of the options available and how we can create very small (single binary) container images. We will then look at the impact this technology decision has on the people and processes, specifically security, and the regulations which exist in many organisations and are mandated by industry regulations such as PCI-DSS. Hopefully at the end of the talk you will also be of the belief that security in a containerised world will be implemented by trusting the build system instead of the historical approach where endpoint based enforcement of security was the normal.

Chris is based in the UK and is a Staff Field Engineer for VMware. He spends most of his work wrangling Kubernetes and most of his spare time playing field hockey badly and being a taxi driver for two children who are growing up rapidly.

Building a Crypto Bank in the Cloud (Hussein Badakhchani, Ziglu)
For the last 9 months Ziglu have been busy with the implementation of their Digital Asset Exchange platform, the technology at the heart of banking services they offer to their customers.
Hussein Badakhchani (CTO) will share their experiences; the principles, people, process and technology decisions they made and the impact they have had on their journey to build Crypto Bank in the Cloud.

Hussein Badakhchani is a Distinguished Technologist with over 25 years of professional experience in financial services technology.
Having worked for institutions such as the Bankers Automated Clearing System (BACS), Deutsche Bank, VocaLink - MasterCard, YouTrip and Wave Money; Hussein has a proven track record of delivering innovative banking and financial services platforms in some of the most competitive markets in the world.

The DevSecOps Iceberg (Viktor Petersson, WireLoad Inc)
Over the last year, we’ve spoken to companies of different sizes about their security strategies and practices. Based on these discussions, we’ve come up with something we call the DevSecOps Iceberg. The idea behind this is that too many organizations tend to only focus on the application layer or the network layer and turn a blind eye to everything else. This is a dangerous approach. Neglecting the other layers means that you may end up putting your entire infrastructure and data at risk.
The three layers of the DevSecOps Iceberg are:
* Application Layer
* Container Layer
* Operating System Layer
In this talk, Viktor will discuss all these layers and what you can do to protect them.

While still in college Viktor co-founded the software company WireLoad, Inc which grew into a thriving business with multiple products. WireLoad's latest product, Screenly, has grown to become the most popular open source solution on Github, powering thousands of screens around the world, all powered by Raspberry Pis. Most recently, Viktor co-founded WoTT to help tackle the mess that is security by making it easy for developers to adopt industry best-practices for their fleet of servers. Find him on Twitter @vpetersson.


Wednesday, Jan 8
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)


Sainsburys Technology Hub
33 Holborn London


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