Cloud Native London, June 2020

Cloud Native London
Wed, Jun 3, 2020, 6:30 PM (BST)

About this event

Hi folks,

Due to COVID-19, this is the third in our series of virtual events.

Join us online, learn about the Kubernetes and cloud native from three experienced speakers, and meet our great community.

6:45 Kick off
7:15 An Advanced View of Container Security (Jesus Escolar, EXELERYS)
7:45 Deploying Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes with Cass Operator (Cedrick Lunven, DataStax)
8:15 Break
8:30 Key steps to a good quality for your infrastructure code (Stephane Jourdan, CloudSkiff)
9:00 Wrap up

The password for the Zoom link is "cheryl". See you there!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)
An Advanced View of Container Security (Jesus Escolar, EXELERYS)
This talk covers:
-Advanced analysis of container security.
-Troubleshooting container security methods.
-Existing advanced attacks on containers. How to provide advanced protection on containers.

Jesus is CEO of EXELERYS, an emerging start-up fighting cybersecurity threats through multiple consolidated services and solutions portfolio across EMEA. He has intervened in multiple events including Cloud Expo Europe, ISACA, InfoSec, CNCF Paris, CNCF London, UbuCon Europe, UbuCon France, SWWARP, to provide an holistic view on the actual and future view on threat intelligence. Prior to founding EXELERYS, Jesus was working actively with security vendors worldwide providing enablement and education across the different security issues the corporations faced. EXELERYS is pioneering the integration of security operations in the container infrastructure, in the DevOps CI/CD lifecycle and in the serverless ecosystem (FaaS – Function-as-a-Service) with multi-vendor API integrations and open security standards. Reach him at [masked] or on Twitter: @EXELERYS and @VirtualBlackCat
Deploying Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes with Cass Operator (Cedrick Lunven, DataStax)
Cass Operator is the DataStax Kubernetes Operator for Apache Cassandra®. During this session you will discover why an operator is mandatory when dealing with databases, how it works and what are the current features. We will provide all materials for you to play the demo on your laptop.

Cedrick is an happy developer advocate at DataStax, where he is able to share his passions about developments and distributed architectures. With several positions as developer, technical architect or presale and strong background on integration middlewares he had multiple opportunities to empower his customers to build cutting-edge distributed applications. In 2013 He embraced the open source community by creating a Feature Toggle Framework named ff4j which he still actively maintains.
Key steps to a good quality for your infrastructure code (Stephane Jourdan, CloudSkiff)
Considering that Infrastructure as Code is code, it should benefit from all the best practices usually linked to code quality. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
So, what's a good workflow and how do you apply engineering best practices like testing to your infrastructure code?
Resources, environments and branching management, roles and access control, tooling, testing... we will go through the key steps that you need to take into account when building an end to end workflow for your Infrastructure Code, with a strong focus and hands on examples built on Hashicorp Terraform.

CTO and entrepreneur, I am currently founder at CloudSkiff, empowering developers to make their infrastructure code better and safely ship infrastructures in short cycles. I am also the author of "Infrastructure-as-Code Cookbook" and have worked essentially remotely for the last 10+ years in Canada and Europe. Fun fact, I love ancient philosophy and also co-launched and run a community radio. Twitter handle:


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