Cloud Native London, May 2020

Cloud Native London

Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 5:30 – 8:00 PM UTC

Virtual event

About this event

Hi folks,

Due to COVID-19, we're turning this into a virtual event.

Join us online, learn about the Kubernetes and cloud native from three great speakers, and meet our community.

7:00 Kick off
7:15 Stateful in a Stateless Land (Grant Schofield, Humio)
7:45 Building a Modern Architectures with Service Mesh with Envoy (Kevin Chen, Kong)
8:15 Break
8:30 An open source visual user experience for Cloud Native Platforms (Rob de Canha-Knight, SUSE)
9:00 Wrap up

See you there!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)

Stateful in a Stateless Land (Grant Schofield, Humio)
As Kubernetes has gained popularity as an environment to deploy stateless workloads the desire to run stateful applications has become more pronounced. In many cases this requires adapting the stateful application’s requirements to the Kubernetes ecosystem using StatefulSets and persistent volumes which can often be difficult and complex to administer. Humio has adopted a different approach to run our stateful application on Kubernetes, in this talk Grant Schofield will discuss Humio’s challenges and solutions in making Humio more cloud native.

Grant is Director Of Infrastructure at Humio.
Building a Modern Architectures with Service Mesh with Envoy (Kevin Chen, Kong)
Service mesh is a new pattern to build reliable distributed and decoupled applications, but often too complicated to implement with 1st generation control planes. In this session, we’ll talk about taking a new approach to service mesh in order to build modern architectures across a large variety of platforms, including Kubernetes and VMs. Kevin will live-demo these concepts using the open source service mesh, Kuma. Kuma is a universal control plane, built on top of Envoy, that enables seamless management of any service on the network.

As a developer advocate for Kong, Kevin Chen enables the open source community to contribute to and engage with Kong. Prior to joining Kong, he was a software engineer at IBM, where he helped develop a hybrid-cloud data transfer platform. Outside of work, he is often found in the kitchen exploring a recipe or in the airport waiting to embark on his next trip.
An open source visual user experience for Cloud Native Platforms (Rob de Canha-Knight, SUSE)
As organisations increase the use of Kubernetes and other cloud native platforms in their environments, the need for user friendly interfaces into Kubernetes and associated technologies has never been greater. In this session, we will give a quick introduction to an open source project – Stratos - that aims to provide an easy to use interface to cloud native platforms for anyone in an organisation to use. From deploying microservices, setting up auto scaling through to enabling self-service Helm Chart management. We will demo the tool as it is today and provide a glimpse into the future roadmap of the technology.

Rob is SUSE's CTO for Enterprise Cloud Products, and is responsible for SUSE's overall strategy and vision for Container and Application Platforms. He has been working with customers and partners on architecting and deploying Cloud Native Platforms for over 5 years and enjoys helping customers realise the benefits of a Cloud Native Approach.
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