Cloud Native London, November 2017

CodeNode - 10 South Place, EC2M 2RB London - View Map Cloud Native London
Wed, Nov 8, 2017, 6:30 PM (GMT)

About this event

For November we'll be on a Wednesday rather than our standard Tuesday, so don't forget to check your calendars. We've got an exciting line up this month with speakers from Docker, Capgemini and Spotinst, so RSVP to get your spot now.

Thanks to our sponsors StorageOS, Tecknuovo and Contino for supplying pizza and drinks. 

Note that you will need to RSVP for our venue, please don't forget!

See you Wednesday!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)


The Update Framework and Notary: from Tor to Cloud Native (Justin Cormack, Docker)

Updating software securely is a hard problem that we don't necessarily think about much of the time. This talk covers the history of a solution to this problem from its origins in updating the Tor browser securely to the most common method used to sign containers at scale. The Update Framework and Notary, the most widely used implementation, are currently going through the process of being accepted as a CNCF project.

Justin Cormack is an engineer at Docker, working on open source projects.

Obstacles in cloud migrations and why DevOps is not adopted on the large scale (Alex Manta, Capgemini)

A different perspective about DevOps and cloud migrations, experiences and approaches along with technology changes and cloud computing adoption. It’s about microservices, automation and CI/CD implications in large scale organisations. Are they easily adopted? The transformation from Data Center “on premise” to Cloud services with a roadmap.

From Cloud Chaos to Control of Costs! (Nikhil Gupta, News UK and Aharon Twizer, Spotinst)

News UK went all in to Cloud 7 years ago. Deciding against re investing in a co-lo and going AWS. All our problems are solved they thought! Then came the reality...


Wednesday, Nov 8
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (GMT)


10 South Place, EC2M 2RB London


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