Oops-less Operation

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Tue, Oct 29, 2019, 6:30 PM (CET)

About this event

Stable operation in cloud environments requires thorough monitoring; scaling up makes automation imperative. Chris and Peter will present the background and a demo which will take us on a deep dive into state-of-the-art monitoring of cloud-native applications.

18:30: Doors open. Have a snack, grab a drink
19:00: Welcome and Intro
19:05: Talk: Oops-less Operation
20:00: Instana Demo
afterwards: Have more drinks and snacks, and get in touch with the speaker (and other attendees)


*** Oops-less Operation (Chris Engelbert, Instana) ***
Building, deploying, and operating application systems for high scale and failure tolerance is the supreme field of software engineering. While continuous integration (CI) and even continuous delivery (CD) have become part of commonly used build pipelines, monitoring and observability is still often an afterthought or manually configured. To keep up with containers being started and stopped for version upgrades, scaling up and down or to mitigate failure situations, monitoring needs to automate all the tasks to react to infrastructure changes and find issues before users being impacted.
People today expect Oops-less operation, or do you want your bank to be offline?

Christoph Engelbert is a passionated Java geek with a deep commitment for Open Source software. He is mostly interested in Performance Optimizations and understanding the internals of the JVM and the Garbage Collector. He loves to bring software to it's limits by looking into profilers and finding problems inside of the codebase. In addition he is highly interested in new ideas, technologies and new ways of solving problems. He has a deep understanding of IP based technologies like Protocol Stacks, TCP, UDP and asynchronous service implementations and fast serialization solutions.


*** Demo of Instana (Peter Jüntgen, Instana) ***
In this live demo Peter will demonstrate how to setup full stack monitoring of your k8s cluster in minutes with Instana.

Peter Jüntgen is Director Technical Sales Europe at Instana.


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Tuesday, Oct 29
6:30 PM - 10:30 PM (CET)


QAware GmbH
Aschauer Str. 32, 81549 München