Why GitOps isn't 42, but still makes you happy

Cloud Native Night Munich
Thu, Jul 30, 2020, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

We want to deliver features to our customers in a well-planned and traceable way. This requires both the right processes and the right tools. During this meetup we will look further into that.

*Please note:* This will be an online meetup. We will send the login credentials shortly before the event.

19:00: Welcome and Intro
19:05: Talk 1: Cloud Compliance with Open Policy Agent
~20:00: Talk 2: GitOps: Pain ’n Gain
afterwards: Get in touch with the speakers (and other attendees)

Talk 1: *** Cloud Compliance with Open Policy Agent (Speaker: Alex Krause) ***

Abstract: Microservices distribute the complexity of applications into smaller processes and infrastructure. In conclusion policies for encyrption, cost labelling or access control become decentralized too. The already complex components of a cloud-native application, such as container orchestration, IaaS components and CI/CD pipelines, complicate the technically uniform definition of these guidelines further.
OPA (Open Policy Agent) is a CNCF tool to define and check policies. What makes OPA special is the easy integration into cloud-native environments in combination with rego, a universal logical programming language which allows defining policies across technology boundaries. This technical presentation is an introduction into OPA and demonstrates typical use-cases.

About Alex:
Alex Krause is Senior Software Engineer at QAware and passionate about DevOps, Cloud-Native Microservices and Reactive Programming.

Talk 2: *** GitOps: Pain ’n Gain (Michael Adersberger) ***

GitOps has turned out to be a very appealing concept to manage your Kubernetes cluster(s) in particular with respect to security & compliance. We are now in the state right after the first enthusiasm where the day 2 challenges but also success stories can be told. Now with this knowledge we can discuss why we still think GitOps is an amazing concept, what are the limitations and in particular how many dedicated solutions are needed to get your applications running.
We will also demonstrate how we address some of the pains that are coming with GitOps and how to make your Information Security Officer happy.

About Michael:
Michael Adersberger is Full-Stack Developer at Syncier Cloud and has a wide experience as a speaker at national and international conferences and workshops. He has obtained his Ph.D. in Physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich being an associated scientist at CERN. During that time he had to deal with several 100 PB of data and analyzing them for the smallest hints for new physics. This rouse his enthusiasm for cloud computing following the highest security standards.