User Stories - Secret Managers in Kubernetes

Cloud Native Nordics
Tue, Jun 29, 2021, 1:00 PM (CEST)

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Agenda for the event

13:00 Introductions

13:05 From static to dynamic secrets - Peter Steffensen

Secrets are a vital part of operating, not only a bank, but every software system. I will outline how we are handling secrets at Lunar, what the pros and cons of our current approach is and discuss the properties we are looking for in a solid secrets management solution.

13:20 External Secrets - Hanna Sträng

Recently, we started using ArgoCD and GitOps, and to be able to handle our secrets in a GitOps environment, we needed to investigate in a secret manager. We chose External Secrets and in this presentation I will tell you how it works and how it fits in our workflow at Annotell.

13:35 Using HashiCorp Vault - Henrik Høegh

What is this Vault thing people are talking about? In this talk I will do a quick presentation on HashiCorp Vault. You will hear about the ways we used Vault in an air gapped environment and how we controlled data. In a broader scope, you will also hear how you can integrate HashiCorp Vault with Kubernetes and use ServiceAccounts as as way to authenticate to Vault.

13:50 Event wrap-up and discussions