Cloud Native Meetup #5 with Zalando and Condé Nast

HubHub Palác ARA - Perlová 5 Praha 1-Staré Město - View Map Prague
Thu, Sep 5, 2019, 6:10 PM (CEST)

About this event

Cloud-Native Prague is starting again after the summer break and we hope that you are well-rested, because we managed to prepare some exciting agenda for our next meetup!

Who will be speaking?

KATIE GAMANJI - CLOUD PLATFORM ENGINEER AT CONDÉ NAST INTERNATIONAL and keynote speaker at this year's Kubecon in Barcelona

Currently a Cloud Platform Engineer at Condé Nast International. Previously worked on maintaining and automating site delivery on OpenStack based infrastructure, which transitioned into a role with a focus on designing, deploying and evolving a Kubernetes centric infrastructure. Condé Nast International is renown for publishing excellence with leading print and digital brands, such as Vogue, GQ, Wired. Hence, the current cloud platforms team's raison d'être is the delivery of a scalable, reliable and highly available platform in combination with a robust delivery process.


Henning is responsible for the Developer Experience at Zalando and helps drive adoption of cloud-native infrastructure within the company.
He is passionate about Free Software and likes getting things done with Python. Having a strong interest in operational excellence,
Henning started compiling a list of public Kubernetes failure stories on
You can find Henning's personal blog on and reach him on Twitter:


Open doors

18:30 - 19:15
Kubernetes scalability: VPA, Federation v2 & Cluster API
(Katie Gamanji)

In the past years, Kubernetes has been the nucleus of container orchestration frameworks. With the growing number of microservices in a cluster, scalability is one of the core pillars for a fault-tolerant application. Additionally, from a technological landscape standpoint, the cloud platform teams are highly focused on delivering scalable, reliable and highly available platforms.

Scalability on the Kubernetes clusters can be approached on the application level and cluster level. While the application level scaling techniques (e.g. HPA and VPA) are widely used, Federation v2 and Cluster API are emerging tools that still prove their worth in a production setup.

This talk will focus on describing techniques to approach scalability on a Kubernetes centric infrastructure. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the VPA, Federation v2 and Cluster API composition, and scenarios where these tools can be utilized.

19:40 - 20:25
Kubernetes + Python = ❤
(Henning Jacobs)

While Go is the language-of-choice in the cloud-native world, Python has a huge community and makes it really easy to extend Kubernetes in only a few lines of code.
This talk shows examples on how to use Python to query the Kubernetes API, how to write simple controllers in only 10 lines of Python, how to build complete web UIs, and how to test everything with py.test and Kind.
Some of the open-source projects which will be covered: pykube-ng, Kubernetes Web View, kube-janitor, and Kopf (Kubernetes Operator Pythonic Framework).

20:25 - 21:00
Networking and drinks


Thursday, Sep 5
6:10 PM - 9:00 PM (CEST)


HubHub Palác ARA
Perlová 5 Praha 1-Staré Město