Scaling Kubernetes across BlackRock’s Aladdin Platform

Cloud Native @Scale
Tue, Jan 11, 2022, 10:00 AM (PST)

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📅 Date: Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

📍 Time: 10 am PST to 11:30 am PST (1:00 - 2:30 pm EST)

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BlackRock has always pushed technical boundaries and innovation to deliver asset management capabilities to clients through the investment and risk management platform, Aladdin. As part of this journey, we realized the power of container-native development and landed on Kubernetes as a way to abstract infrastructure concerns from the application tier and future proof the platform for the cloud. In this talk, Ryan and Mike will discuss BlackRock’s journey releasing Kubernetes, partnering with external GitOps practitioners, and building BlackRock’s Aladdin Kubernetes Platform.


🔶 Ryan Umstead, Vice President at BlackRock

Ryan is a Software Engineer/Site Reliability Engineer with a specialization in distributed systems, containers, microservices, cloud technologies, automation, and software development. Ryan is leading a small set of software engineers at BlackRock that defined and maintained a configuration strategy for clusters and applications using Helm and Kustomize to support environment variance across 100+ production environments, managed a GitOps engine (ArgoCD) which deploys to over a hundred clusters, and built infrastructure and workflows to migrate off proprietary orchestration system to containers and Kubernetes.

🔶 Michael Bowen, Sr. Principal Engineer at BlackRock

Michael is an Open Source advocate, evangelist, and engineer as part of the Platform Engineering team at BlackRock. Heavily focused on cloud-native solutions targeting container workloads, Kubernetes orchestration, and application delivery to consumers.

🔶 Host: Hong Wang, Founder & CEO at Akuity

A founding member of the Argo Project. Prior to founding, Hong was the Argo team manager at Intuit and built the control plane used to manage hundreds of Kubernetes clusters and thousands of namespaces. Hong has extensive experience in distributed system projects ranging from storage to cloud infrastructure at Springpath, Cisco, and Yahoo.

Maintainer Update: Crossplane

🔹 Daniel Mangum, Senior Software Engineer at Upbound

Daniel is a senior software engineer at Upbound where he primarily works on the open source Crossplane project. He is also a Technical Lead for Kubernetes SIG-Release. Daniel is primarily interested in distributed systems, developer tools, automated infrastructure, programming languages, and compilers.