Cloud Native Security in 5G and Beyond

Cloud Native Security India

Jun 7, 8:30 – 11:30 AM

In-person event

Let's meet to have a discussion around ☁️ cloud-native, πŸ” security, and infrastructures running telecom workloads πŸ“‘. We will have speakers covering topics on eBPF, πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬ Post Quantum cryptography, K8s, and Nephio 🌐.

About this event

Join us for an exciting and informative event focused on the forefront of Cloud Native 5G Security. This event will bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals to explore the latest innovations and best practices in securing 5G networks using cloud-native technologies.

RSVP is required πŸ“. Make sure you register on our Google form. We have limited seats, so we will be sending confirmation ticket emails separately to limited participants a few days before the event πŸ“§.

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Location: Google office, Signature Tower D, 7th floor


  • Wafi Hasan

    CoRan Labs

  • Dr. Anukriti Bansal


    Data Scientist

  • Vipin Rathi

    University of Delhi

    Assistant Professor

  • Shankar Malik

    CoRan Labs

  • Shubham Kumar

    CoRan Labs

  • Aditya Koranga

    CoRan Labs


Navigating the Future of Cloud Security: The Role of Vertex AI and Gemini
Harnessing Hyperconnectivity: eBPF Unleashed in 5G Core
Quantum-Leap Security: Post-Quantum Encryption in the 5G Era
Navigating the Clouds: Exploring Nephio in the 5G Landscape
Networking & Hi-Tea


  • Shubham Tatvamasi


  • Parth Yadav


  • Shivank Chaudhary

    Delhi University