Kubernetes Security Meetup

Cloud Native Security India

Aug 26, 2023, 6:30 – 11:30 AM

In-person event

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge realm of cloud security at the Cloud Native Security India event! Engage in a day of enlightening talks and networking, featuring an exploration of the innovative K8s Cloud Security Projects, with a special focus on the groundbreaking capabilities of KubeArmor.

About this event

Join us for an illuminating day of cutting-edge technology exploration at our upcoming event, where we delve into the intricate world of cybersecurity and runtime security.

Kubernetes Runtime Security and KubeArmor Workshop | Barun Acharya / Ankur Kothiwal

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Kubernetes runtime security with our KubeArmor workshop. Gain practical insights into fortifying your cloud-native applications and microservices. Our experts will guide you through hands-on exercises, ensuring you're equipped with the tools to defend your cloud-native ecosystem.

Accuknox Enterprise Runtime Security Features | Chirag Goyal / Ankur Kothiwal

Delve into the world of enterprise runtime security with Accuknox. Uncover an array of robust features designed to enhance the security posture of your cloud-native deployments. From threat detection to compliance enforcement, learn how Accuknox empowers organizations to embrace cloud-native technologies securely.

Guardians of the Network: The New Frontier of 5G Lawful Interception | Wafi Hasan / Shubham Kumar

Journey into the realm of 5G lawful interception and its implications for cloud-native security. Navigate the intricate landscape where network security and legal considerations intersect. Industry experts will illuminate the path forward, ensuring that your cloud-native strategies align with evolving regulatory demands.

eBPF: Emerging L3AF | Shankar

Dive deep into the emerging domain of eBPF and its transformative impact on cloud-native security. Explore how this technology enhances visibility and control, offering a new paradigm for monitoring and securing cloud-native environments at the kernel level.

DevSecOps (Runtime Security) | Sahil Raja

As the sun sets, we unravel the synergy between cloud-native development and runtime security in the DevSecOps paradigm. Learn how to seamlessly integrate security into your development lifecycle, fostering a culture of proactive risk management. Real-world case studies will spotlight successful instances of DevSecOps implementation.

Kubernetes Hardening Guide | Parth Yadav

This session will provide coverage on recommended Kubernetes hardening practices and mitigation from common security threats. In Kubernetes, we break security at different layers from host-OS, containers, control-plane, authentication, to networks. Each has to be hardened, secured with best practices and monitored (for threats in real time and as well as for later analysis). We will look at best practices like encrypting secrets, KMS, rootless container engines, immutable filesystems, authentication, RBAC, PSA, etc.

Best Practices to Secure your app deployed on Kubernetes | Sahil Joseph

Enhance Kubernetes app security: Implement RBAC, network policies, and TLS. Regularly scan container images, apply security patches, and use pod security policies. Monitor, audit, and educate teams for continuous protection.

Join us for an enlightening day under the banner of Cloud Native Security India. This symposium is your gateway to understanding the dynamic interplay between cloud-native technologies and modern security practices.

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  • Barun Acharya


    Software Engineer

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  • Wafi Hasan

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  • Shubham Kumar

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  • Chirag Goyal


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  • Shankar Malik

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  • Sahil Joseph


    Platforms Engineer


Kubernetes Runtime Security and KubeArmor workshop
Accuknox Enterprise Runtime Security Features
Lunch / Networking
Guardians of the Network: The New Frontier of 5G Lawful Interception
eBPF: Emerging L3AF
DevSecOps (Runtime Security)
Kubernetes Hardening Guide
Best Practices to Secure your app deployed on Kubernetes


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  • Parth Yadav



  • Shivank Chaudhary

    Delhi University