DoK Explorers Day 1

Cloud Native Students

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 12:30 – 2:30 PM UTC

Virtual event

DoK Explorers Day 1

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Welcome/Intro- Bart Farrell & Edith Puclla

How to get the DoK Explorers Day Certificate- DoK Explorers Team

What you're getting wrong about DEI- Colleen Coll

Learning from mistakes to thrive in global communities- Kunal Kushwaha

Intro to Kubernetes- DoK Explorers Team

Intro to Data on Kubernetes- DoK Explorers Team

The Fast and the Furious: How Message Queues Keep Up with the Speed of AI/ML!- Hamees Sayed

The Future of Real-Time Data: Empowering Streaming with Kubernetes- Sajjan Yadav

Understanding Kubernetes Messaging: Why It Matters!- Harsh Mishra

Entertainment Break

What should your next steps be? Mentoring session with Kunal Verma, Karuna Tata

MongoDB Goes to K8s: A Wild Adventure with Operators- Ritesh Karankal

Real-Time Analytics Made Easy with Kubernetes- Vamshi Reddy

Let's discuss K8s Operators- Karan Thakur

Entertainment Break

Women in Cloud Native

Final Thoughts

About Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC)

DoKC is an independent tech community where practitioners go to run data workloads on Kubernetes. It is managed by We produce a range of resources for end users looking to run DoK including:

- DoK Landscape

An interactive landscape of products and services for running data workloads on Kubernetes. (

- Videos and Blogs

Hundreds of videos and blogs including how tos, tutorials, use cases, case studies, and more. ( (

- DoK Reports

DoKC works with an independent research firm to annually produce the industry’s only DoK-focused report. (

- Livestreams and Local Meetups

Weekly livestreams on DoK-related topics including demos, tutorials, visionary talks, panels, and more. (

- DoK Days @ KubeCon

We host hybrid events twice a year for people to get together and learn in-person or online. Details are published on our main website. (

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