Dok Student Sessions - Contributing to Cloud Native Glossary

Cloud Native Students
Tue, Mar 15, 2022, 5:00 AM (PDT)

Kunal Verma

About this event


In this session, we'll be talking about a new open source project in the CNCF community i.e. the Cloud Native Glossary.

The main aim of the glossary is to be the centre-point for all the terms related to the cloud-native ecosystem & we are actively looking for awesome contributors from the community.

I'll be talking about how one can get involved & start their contributions in this initiative.

If you are someone wanting to get involved with the CNCF community, this is your chance!!!


I'm Kunal Verma, a sophomore pursuing Bachelor's in IT from India. I am a DevOps enthusiast and also passionate about Open-source!

Currently, I am exploring the DevOps and cloud-native ecosystem and contributing to the Kubernetes, Data On Kubernetes Community & the Layer5 community.

Really like to interact with folks and be a part of awesome communities and learn more and more!