BC.Gov Goes Cloud Native

Quartech Innovations Lab - 300-1012 Douglas St. Victoria - View Map Victoria
Thu, Jun 22, 2017, 6:00 PM (PDT)

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Greg Lawrance

Data and APIs - Fuel for Your Cloud Apps

The province of BC provides access to 1000s of datasets and APIs that are there to be leveraged by  developers. Knowing where to look and how to leverage these assets can jumpstart your project.   Learn more about the open source project behind the BC Government’s Data Catalogue and influence our future plans  through our open development process.

John Jordan

We are experimenting with new technology like the Hyperledger Fabric (an open-source permissioned blockchain/distributed ledger - hyperledger.org) in as a possible means to tackle long standing service challenges. This session will provide an overview of the what the BC Government is doing to learn about these new technologies by approaching them from the point of view of helping businesses simplify their digital relationship with government. We will talk about our contribution to the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework through the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada (diacc.ca) which seeks to establish standards for verified person, verified organization and verified relationships.

Dmitry Barinov

SecureKey is building a digital identity ecosystem in Canada where citizen/consumer end users are able to share information about themselves from authoritative sources to online services in the network with privacy, security and efficiency. In order to achieve the goals, the service is implemented on a distributed system (Blockchain) using IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric. All digital assets are cryptographically protected for confidentiality and integrity. All digital asset exchanges and transactions are cryptographically auditable. End users interact with the service with a native mobile application (user agent) and online services, both providing and consuming information, will connect to the network with SecureKey -built containerized adapter software components.


Thursday, Jun 22
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)


Quartech Innovations Lab
300-1012 Douglas St. Victoria