Big Data for Cloud Natives: Building Apps with Apache Spark

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Thu, Apr 13, 2017, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

We have 3 guest speakers lined up for our bi-monthly Cloud Native meet-up! We're in for a  real tech treat as Victoria's Cloud Natives gather once again.

We'll be kicking off the evening with Diane Feddema, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat.

(1) Big Data for Cloud Natives: Building Apps with Apache Spark

Apache Spark based applications are often comprised of many separate, interconnected components that are a good match for an orchestrated containerized platform like Kubernetes. But with the increased flexibility afforded by these technologies comes a new set challenges for building rich data-centric applications.

In this talk, Diane Feddema (Red Hat)  will discuss techniques for building multi-component Apache Spark based applications that can be easily deployed and managed on the OpenShift Container Platform which is built on Kubernetes. 

Building on experiences learned while developing and deploying cloud native applications, we will explore common issues that arise during the engineering process and demonstrate workflows for easing the maintenance factors associated with complex installations.

Diane Feddema is a principal software engineer at Red Hat Inc Canada, Emerging Technologies Group. Diane is currently focused on developing and applying big data techniques for performance analysis, automating these analyses and displaying data in novel ways. 

(2) Exploring Build, Test, and Deploy for Cloud Native Apps with GitLab

In this talk, DJ Mountney will discuss the progress of GitLab's ongoing efforts to iterate faster using containers on Kubernetes. GitLab's use of containers for running CI/CD pipelines on, and the status of bringing those benefits to anyone else running a GitLab server.

GitLab Inc develops the open source code collaboration tool, GitLab CE, which unifies issues, code review, CI and CD into a single UI. They also offer an Enterprise Edition of the software, and host a public instance at where individuals can host their private and public projects for free, with 10GB of disk space.

DJ Mountney is a Build Engineer on the Packaging team at GitLab. The team is responsible for making installation, configuration, and maintenance of GitLab easier. DJ lives and works in Victoria, BC.

(3) DevOps Toolchains and Monitoring for Cloud Natives

Brian Baird, Co-founder, CIO Expeto Wireless will discuss an approach discipline based systems management processes supported by DevOps style tool chains.  He will share his direct experience supporting mission critical wireless communication systems with alerting, monitoring, reporting and heuristic trending with Sysdig, Datadog and Prometheus.  In addition, Brian will discuss his experiences at Expeto building automation and orchestration for cloud-based infrastructure and helping organizations to benefit from increased control over compliance, cost and agility.

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Thursday, Apr 13
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)


Quartech Innovations Lab
300-1012 Douglas St. Victoria