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DevOpsGroup - Floor 22 Capital Tower Cardiff, CF10 3AG - View Map Cardiff
Thu, Mar 14, 2019, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

# Welcome

We're Cloud Native Wales and we want to talk all things Cloud Native!

## Agenda

## Speakers

### Brendan Collins
Algorithmia (

Brendan Collins is the lead Solutions Engineer for Algorithmia’s east coast enterprise customers. He has worked in financial enterprise infrastructure for more than a decade, with groups ranging in size from the largest financial institutions in the world to community banks. Brendan has a true passion for helping enterprises use machine learning and data science to solve cutting edge problems, as well as a personal interest in serverless technologies of all shapes and sizes.

Serverless microservices architecture provides a number of benefits including shorter time to market. In his talk, Brendan will discuss how Algorithmia provides a scalable, serverless platform that allows its users to develop & deploy their microservices. Algorithmia, with its largest public marketplace for algorithms allows teams to leverage Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to solve complex problems.

Brendan will also discuss how this platform can be used to deploy functions and how it allows its users to to DevOps for AI/ML.

### Stig Telfer
StackHPC (

Stig has a background in R&D working for various prominent technology companies, particularly in HPC and software-defined networking. Stig is now CTO for StackHPC, a consultancy specialising in the convergence of cloud, HPC and big data. Stig is also co-chair of the OpenStack Scientific SIG, a globally-distributed grouping of research institutions using OpenStack for research computing use cases.

## Food & Drinks
As always, thanks to DevOpsGroup, food and drinks will be provided. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know.


Thursday, Mar 14
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)


Floor 22 Capital Tower Cardiff, CF10 3AG