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Thu, Sep 13, 2018, 6:00 PM (BST)

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Changing the Tires at 100mph: How CF Enabled Us to Swap Development Languages Without Missing a Beat

Anouska Streets (

We’ve all heard the microservices hype: how small independent polyglot services enable rapid and sustainable delivery of digital products and business value; how architectural and technological decisions previously baked into an application can now be deferred and changed with ease; and how Cloud Foundry is the optimised, opinionated platform for operating those services in production on Day Two and beyond. But what happens when Day Two comes and you need to migrate all of your existing services from one language and framework to another, without impacting production operations?

Join Anouska Streets as she discusses the highs and lows, trials and tribulations she faced when her FinKit Engineering team migrated their entire running microservice-based system from one language to another, with the business demanding zero downtime, and zero impact to either the client services running on the platform or the end consumers of those services. She’ll describe the patterns and approaches they used for this migration, the challenges they faced, and the techniques they used to overcome them. Did they manage it? Join us to find out!


Cloud Foundry vs Kubernetes

Gareth Evans (


Lightning Talks

It’s a Mob

Cai Cooper (

Mobbing experiences from the bunker


Chaos Engineering In Practice

Paul Jones(

Paul will share with you the principles of Chaos Engineering, as well as practical examples of how open source tools can enable you to cause, learn and benefit from the ensuing chaos, and how you can use automation to continuously experiment, analyse and learn about the resiliency of our systems. You can all benefit from the ramifications of Chaos Engineering due to the robustness and resiliency it demands of our systems. To emulate the types of chaos and failures seen in production facilitates you to take advantage of orchestration and automation, and have confidence in your production deployments despite the complexity that they represent.


Prizes : Ticket to Velocity Conference thanks to O’Reilly

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Thursday, Sep 13
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