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DevOpsGroup - Floor 22 Capital Tower Cardiff, CF10 3AG - View Map Cardiff
Thu, Jun 13, 2019, 6:00 PM (BST)

About this event

# Welcome

We're Cloud Native Wales and we want to talk all things Cloud Native!

## Agenda

### Paul Jones (@paulwilljones)

*Infrastructure as Software*

Infrastructure as code has facilitated the automated provisioning of computing resources, however the cognitive overhead of adopting new DSLs, the verbosity of declaratively defining resources in templates, and the lack of basic programming language features can be inhibitors in development time and iteration.

Pulumi is a Cloud Native Infrastructure as Code SDK for creating a deploying cloud applications in general purpose languages to AWS, Azure, GCP and Kubernetes. Similarly, the AWS CDK is an open-source framework for defining cloud infrastructure in modern programming languages, by building on the CDK’s library of infrastructure constructs to compose stacks and apps.

We will cover both Pulumi and the AWS CDK to explore the options to programmatically define infrastructure, as well as demonstrating their ability to facilitate more testable, extensible and secure infrastructure.

Paul is a Cloud Software Engineer at Dyson. His background is in building and deploying microservice applications to enterprise clients. | His repertoire spans application development, cloud infrastructure and container orchestration, whilst also being an advocate for XP practices.

### Dan Twining (@dantwining)

Lightning Talk - *Data Centres & Renewable Energy*

Dan is currently a Software Engineer at Currencycloud, a global payments platform built on smart technology that takes the complexity out of moving money. Working within the Cloud Platform team, Dan leads the teams in the ways of Cloud Native, and drives adoption of the internal Cloud Platform, enabling Currencycloud engineers to rapidly, safely, securely and sustainably build cloud native services, ultimately providing our customers with business value that delights them and their end consumers.

### Lewis Denham-Parry (@denhamparry)

*What vulnerabilities? Live hacking of containers and orchestrators*

We often see alerts about vulnerabilities being found in frameworks that we use today, but should we really care about them? What's the worst that can happen? Can someone own a container? Could they run a bitcoin miner on my servers? Are they able to own the cluster?

In this talk, we look at one of the worst-case scenarios from a real-world perspective. We have a red team member attempting to hack a cluster we own with a live hack on stage whilst the blue team member tries to stop it from happening.

We'll discuss developing best practices, implement security policies and how best to monitor your services to put preventative measures in place.

## Who is this for

We aim to build a community for discussion and support and will welcome anyone that wants to attend.

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## Food & Drinks
As always, thanks to DevOpsGroup, food and drinks will be provided. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know.


Thursday, Jun 13
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (BST)


Floor 22 Capital Tower Cardiff, CF10 3AG