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Thu, Mar 12, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT)

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## Welcome

We're Cloud Native Wales and we want to talk all things Cloud Native!

## Coronavirus

Things are a changing, and to help out with that we're running this event remotely. Why? Because a lot of people are having to work from home and we thought that maybe we can help share experiences to get people working remotely. This will still be about Cloud Native technologies but sometimes you've just got to pivot.

## Agenda

### Working Remotely

* GUEST SPEAKER [Simon Mansfield](

Lots of offices are closing and asking their staff to work remotely, this is a dream for some but chaos for others. We're going to have an open discussion to pros and cons of working remotely and try to help each other make the best of the situation.

Simon has offered to help out and jump in last minute. Simon works for GitLab, a remote first organisation. He's based in Newport and has been stood up by Lewis a couple of times over the last week.

### Ask Me Anything (AMA)

* [Lewis Denham-Parry](

Its been a crazy couple of years and Cloud Native Wales has gone from strength to strength. The opportunities that we have a had have been amazing but its important to remember how we got started and see where we're going.

In this AMA we'll answer any questions that you have, from Cloud Native technologies to running the meetup, career advice to our favourite talks, how do you talk Cloud Native to your employer to best practices to working remotely.

This, in part, will be an open discussion and we ask for you advice. If you'd like to contribute by answering a question then please reach out to us and we'll put something in place.


Lewis works for Control Plane as a Infrastructure Engineer orchestrating the ocean of containers using Kubernetes.

Day to day he's either writing code, building and pushing images and managing deployments, training others or on a train to his next adventure.

He co-founded Cloud Native Wales, an initiative to help people learn Cloud Native technologies and establish a community to support each other. When he's not playing with tech, he's busy trying to understand the logic of a toddler, getting taken for a walk by a dog and spending time with his family (preferably on a ski slope).

Follow Lewis on his personal Twitter @denhamparry and Cloud Native Wales @cloudnativewal, also check out his website


Thursday, Mar 12
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (GMT)


River Taff