Cloud Native Live: How to secure workload identities with SPIFFE, cert-manager, and trust-manager

CNCF Online Programs

Sep 25, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

This CNCF live stream webinar will delve into the forefront of secure workload identity management using the powerful combination of SPIFFE, cert-manager, and trust-manager. As cloud-native environments grow increasingly complex, ensuring secure and reliable identity for workloads becomes paramount.

* Learn about SPIFFE (Secure Production Identity Framework For Everyone), its architecture, and how it provides robust, scalable workload identity.

* Discover how cert-manager automates the issuance and management of X.509 certificates in Kubernetes, enabling seamless TLS encryption and identity verification.

* Explore trust-manager's role in managing trust bundles and policies, ensuring trust between workloads across diverse environments.

We'll showcase real-world scenarios, and discuss how these CNCF projects interoperate to enhance security, simplify management, and deliver requirements for Zero Trust. 


  • Mattias Gees


    Director of Technology