Cloud Native Live: Making VMs a first-class citizen in Kubernetes with KubeVirt

CNCF Online Programs

Jun 20, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

The cloud-native future is here — but in the words of William Gibson, it’s unevenly distributed!

While containerized apps are gaining popularity, there are still millions of VM-based applications out there across the enterprise, and it may be years or decades before they’re refactored into containerized microservices.

What do you do with those virtual machines in the meantime?

Running entirely separate Kubernetes and virtualization infrastructures is inefficient and risky: it’s two sets of policies, access controls, network and storage configurations, etc to keep in sync.

KubeVirt just might be the answer.

KubeVirt is a CNCF incubating project that lets you manage VM workloads right alongside containerized workloads, on the same Kubernetes platform. VM object workloads run in pods and are managed declaratively.

Sounds great, right?

In this talk, we’ll:

Introduce you to KubeVirt, its architecture and use cases, including how VM concepts like snapshots and persistence translate to Kubernetes

Explain why, after seven years of development, now is KubeVirt’s time to shine

Explore the challenges, pitfalls and limitations you need to know about when starting to use KubeVirt

Give you a sneak peek into a new way to take advantage of KubeVirt in multicluster environments

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of KubeVirt and whether it’s right for you (and your VMs!).


  • Saad Malik

    Spectro Cloud

    CTO & Founder

  • Kevin Reeuwijk

    Spectro Cloud

    Principal Architect