Cloud Native Live: Migrating from Flux v1 to Flux v2

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Wed, Apr 28, 8:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

With Flux v1 in maintenance mode The Flux Community is keen to ensure you're ready for the transition to Flux v2. Get ahead of the game and migrate to Flux 2 today! In this session, Leigh Capili, DX Engineer at Weaveworks, will live-demo the Flux guide on how to Migrate from Flux v1, including bootstrapping a cluster with Flux 1 and how to move it over to Flux v2.


Flux v2 Documentation:

Flux v2 Guide Migrate from Flux v1:

Flux v2 roadmap:

Note to our Flux community that Flux v2 is in development and Flux v1 is in maintenance mode. These talks and upcoming guides will give you the most up-to-date info and steps to migrate once we reach feature parity and start the migration process. We are dedicated to the smoothest experience possible for our Flux community, so please join us if you'd like early access and to give us feedback for the migration process.

We are really excited by the improvements and want to take this opportunity to show you what Flux 2 is all about, walk you through the guides and get your feedback!


  • Leigh Capili

    Leigh Capili


    Kubernetes Contributor and Developer Experience Engineer

    Leigh is a Kubernetes Contributor and Developer Experience Engineer at Weaveworks. He authored kubeadm's etcd mTLS implementation and is currently working on cluster-addons and multi-tenancy in Flux. He also maintains ignite, a docker-like experience for using Firecracker MicroVM’s. Leigh really likes helping people.

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    Cloud Native Computing Foundation


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