CNCF Live Webinar: Desktop to Deployment K8s Security with Checkov

CNCF Online Programs

Feb 15, 2022, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

Shift left blah blah blah… Sounds like more work for developers and less for security right? Well, yeah it is but not that much. It is akin to the proverb of “many hands make light security work.” If we all just do the bare minimum you'd be surprised how easy it really is for everybody involved.

In this talk, I'll start with deploying a simple web application with kubectl and we'll see where security starts at the right. From there we will implement it slowly left. We'll cross the boundaries from the scary security cave to the Rube Goldberg world of operations to the starry skies of developer land to see where and how we can drop tiny morsels of tasty security checks so that the scary security cave becomes a gingerbread hou... wait bad example... a bouncy castle! DevSecOps here we come!


  • Steve Giguere

    Palo Alto Networks

    Developer Advocate