CNCF Live Webinar: From Pipelines to Supply Chains: Level up with Supply Chain Choreography

CNCF Online Programs

Mar 22, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Virtual event

About this event

The Kubernetes ecosystem has a rich set of solutions for various stages of CI/CD. Tools like Flux, Tekton, kpack, Knative, ArgoCD, and more each enable big steps forward in establishing a modern path to production. And yet, the teams and organizations that adopt these tools still struggle with complex, DIY snowflake pipelines. The challenge can be creating and maintaining imperative scripts; orchestrating the flow of information between tools; driving reusability; adopting GitOps practices; and enabling proper separation of concerns.

Cartographer is an exciting new OSS project that elegantly addresses these challenges, providing the backbone for a modern application platform built on top of Kubernetes. Rooted in the concept of event-driven supply chain choreography, it enables creation of composable, reusable roadmaps to drive source code to production. It provides an abstraction layer that facilitates the adoption and integration of existing and emerging CI/CD tools, while clearly delineating developer and operator ownership. It complements the existing ecosystem, filling an important gap to ease use, maintenance, and scalability.

In this webinar we will explore Supply Chain Choreography and show how you can use Cartographer to create secure and comprehensive pipelines, sustainably and at scale. Join us!


  • David Espejo

    Open Source Developer Advocate

  • Cora Iberkleid

    VMware Tanzu

    Developer Advocate