CNCF On demand webinar: How to make IaC easier for developers

CNCF Online Programs

Jun 20, 7:00 AM – Jun 21, 7:00 AM

Virtual event

About this event

Developers are now expected to play a larger role in the entire software development lifecycle, including provisioning and managing the cloud platform resources that their applications depend on. As their roles have expanded, unfortunately so too has the complexity of infrastructure provisioning. Developers are hired for their expertise to develop applications, not to be infrastructure experts.

In this talk, we highlight how to improve the developer experience and enforce standards by tightly coupling application source code with infrastructure as code. Attendees will learn about infrastructure from code and how developers can maximize their time by more easily generating IaC that gets approved the first time.


  • Yusuf Kanchwala


    Software Engineer

  • Danielle Cook


    CNCF Ambassador and Vice President

  • Cesar Rodriguez


    VP of Engineering