CNCF On demand webinar: How to set up production-like Kubernetes environments on local machines

CNCF Online Programs

Feb 29, 8:00 AM – Mar 1, 8:00 AM

Virtual event

About this event

Facing the relentless pace of software development, teams often stumble over the gap between local development and production environments, risking costly delays and integration headaches. This webinar slices through the complexity, offering a robust pathway to replicating production-grade Kubernetes environments locally. We'll dissect the trade-offs, laying bare the benefits of local development environments such as faster iteration cycles and immediate feedback, against the potential pitfalls including resource constraints and environment disparity.

Diving deeper, we provide a streamlined approach to setting up your Kubernetes environments on local machines, ensuring that developers can work in a production-like setting from the get-go. This topic is not just about bridging the gap; it's about empowering developers with the tools and knowledge to test, develop, and deploy with confidence and precision. Whether you're battling with inconsistent environments or looking for ways to accelerate your development pipeline, this on-demand session will equip you with actionable insights to enhance your workflow and align your local and production environments seamlessly.


  • Benedikt Iltisberger

    mogenius GmbH

    Co-founder & Co-CTO