CNCF On demand webinar: K8sGPT - AI for cloud native

CNCF Online Programs

Aug 29, 7:00 AM – Aug 30, 7:00 AM

Virtual event

About this event

Per the K8sGPT website: K8sGPT is a tool for scanning your Kubernetes clusters, diagnosing, and triaging issues in simple English. It has SRE experience codified into its analyzers and helps to pull out the most relevant information to enrich it with AI.

K8sGPT is a member of a new category of tooling, AI for Cloud Native. This class of tools integrates AI with the intent to optimize CN system management outcomes. Optimization can take different forms, from actionable advice to agentic actions.

In this session, we will learn both high and low level aspects of K8sGPT, from basic usage and installation to architecture and integration.


  • Ronald Petty

    RX-M, LLC

    Principal Consultant