CNCF On-Demand Webinar: Redefining cloud native debugging

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Sep 30, 2021, 7:00 AM – Oct 7, 2021, 6:59 AM

Virtual event

About this event

Cloud migration can be a tough ride. There are always general drawbacks associated with it - which we would all like to avoid - such as sensitive data having to be stored in your app, compliance requirements, design modifications, and downtime that may happen once or twice. With these regular drawbacks comes a major one: the loss of control when debugging performance issues while your application hardware is controlled by someone else.

This major pitfall can be easily addressed with the right tools to help you overcome these debugging challenges. Logs overflow and step-by-step debugging using your everyday IDEs are common solutions, but they won’t serve you right when it comes to cloud debugging. When transforming into Cloud Native architecture, it is difficult to capture and inspect the full state of your running application - especially in real-time. To overcome this challenge, we will discuss a new way of debugging which provides the complete application’s state in real-time, how to capture the stack trace and local variables in any location of the source code, and how this can be done without impacting users and creating overhead.

We will discuss the debugging challenges when migrating to the cloud and what the best practices and tools are to ensure your transition to the cloud is easier and safer. Ultimately, I’ll show you how you can regain control of your application, handle bugs with speed and efficiency, and minimize debugging time and effort when migrating to the cloud.   


  • Noa Goldman


    Product Manager