CNCF On demand webinar: Reduce DevOps and control provisioning with KubeFox virtual environments

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Feb 22, 8:00 AM – Feb 23, 8:00 AM

Virtual event

About this event

Prototyping, testing and managing different versions of a product in Kubernetes requires multiple layers of products, excessive engineering team coordination and imposes significant DevOps overhead. As we move through dev, QA, UAT and prod, requirements morph in ways that require solutions unique to each environment. Addressing these challenges too often results in brute force provisioning. Does it really need to be so difficult?

What if you could simply iterate and test? Access multiple versions of an application simultaneously? Access different backends without deploying anything? And do so without DevOps, without over-provisioning and without incurring the increased complexities and costs of point products?

KubeFox Virtual Environments were architected to address these challenges. Please join us and learn how KubeFox Virtual Environments provide for developer sandboxes, enable rapid prototyping, facilitate side-by-side comparison and help you drive innovation in your organizations.


  • Steven Higgins



  • John Long