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Thursday, November 28, 2019, 5:30 – 8:30 PM UTC

In-person event

About this event

What is CNCF? (Cos'é CNCF?)

CNCF is a branch of The Linux Foundation focused on Cloud Computing and modern scalable architectures. it's supporting tools like Kubernetes, Prometheus, containerd and so on. If you are using one of them or you are looking to know more about them, this is your meetup. Join us! hashtag #CNCFItaly on twitter.

CNCF é un ramo della Linux Foundation focalizzato sul Cloud Computing, microservices ed infrastrutture scalability. Supprota progetti come Kubernetes, Opentracing, Rkt, CNI. Se stai utilizzando uno di questi tools o sei interessato a saperne di piú unisciti a noi! hashtag #CNCFItaly su twitter .

About the event (Riguardo l'evento)

18:30 The doors are open (apertura delle porte)
19:00 - 19:40 How I met KinD for my development environment
by Dario Tranchitella

One of the tough tasks to achieve if you're providing DevOps tasks to your teammates is the setup of a stable and robust development environment that developers can stress easily... nothing compared to the stressful fatigue to keep it portable also for non-Linux OSs.
This talk would like to be an informal presentation of what is Kubernetes in Docker (aka KinD) and how I took advantage of it to translate my actual development environment based on Minikube.
After a brief 10,000 foot view, I'll provide a little demo and the issues I faced during the setup of the development environment.

19:45 - 20.15 PoC to write integration tests in Go with Kubernetes
by Gianluca Arbezzano
20.15 - 21.00 Pizza & Beer and Networking

Dario Tranchitella: Cloud DevOps Engineer
Former full stack web developer, switched to the dark side of DevOps practicing over Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, automating everything to build and design scalable cloud-native infrastructures.

Gianluca Arbezzano is an SRE at InfluxData. He is a big Open Source contributor for several projects including and not limited to OpenTracing, Docker, and InfluxDB. He is also a Docker Captain and a CNCF Ambassador. He is passionate about troubleshooting applications at scale, observability, and distributed systems. He is familiar with several programming languages, such as Javascript and Golang and is an active speaker and writer, sharing his experiences and knowledge on projects that he is contributing to.

Sponsors: InfluxData, Toolbox, CloudNativeFoundation



Thursday, November 28, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM UTC

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