OpenTracing theory and practice #1


Thursday, July 13, 2017, 5:00 – 7:30 PM UTC

In-person event

About this event

Trace your micro-services oriented application with Zipkin and OpenTracing

Welcome at the first Cloud Native Foundation Meetup!
Benvenuti al primo Cloud Native Foundation Meetup!

What is CNCF? Cos'é CNCF?

CNCF is a branch of The Linux Foundation focused on Cloud Computing and modern scalable architectures. it's supporting tools like Kubernetes, Prometheus, containerd and so on. If you are using one of them or you are looking to know more about them, this is your meetup. Join us! hashtag #CNCFItaly on twitter.

CNCF é un ramo della Linux Foundation focalizzato sul Cloud Computing, microservices ed infrastrutture scalability. Supprota progetti come Kubernetes, Opentracing, Rkt, CNI. Se stai utilizzando uno di questi tools o sei interessato a saperne di piú unisciti a noi! hashtag #CNCFItaly su twitter .

About the event (Riguardo l'evento)

This will be a full evening about OpenTracing. OpenTracing turns the light on for microservices ( It is a specification to store and manage trace. How can we follow what's going on from the beginning to the end of our requests? What's happening when they cross different services? Where is the bottleneck? Tracing helps you to understand what's going on. It's not just for microservices but also for caching, queue system an so on. Have a look at the trends you need to know!

The event will be in Turin, we are still waiting for the final destination, but it's coming soon!

Passeremo un intera serata parlando di OpenTracing. OpenTracing turns the light on for microservices ( é una specifica per salvare e gestire traces. Come possiamo seguire una richiesta dal nostro frontend fino al client finale? Passando per microservizi, databases, caches, queue quali sono i colli di bottiglia cosa succede e come capire dove apportare delle ottimizzazioni? Opentracing é uno standard in forte crescita che puó aiutarti. Non puoi essere l'unico a non saperlo!

L'evento sará a Torino, stiamo ancora aspettando per la conferma finale ma arriverá presto!

Schedule (Programma)

19.00 - 19.45 Overview and Opentracing in theory by Gianluca Arbezzano

That is this group? How does it work? What is the CNCF? After this short introduction I am going to show you what is Opentracing what it means and why the adoption is growing so much in a short amount of time. Use cases, possible implementations and so on.

19.45 - 20.30 Trace your micro-services oriented application with Zipkin and OpenTracing

A practical approach to OpenTracing in a PHPmicroservices application. In this talk, we will focus on Zipkin and OpenTracing. An example of integration in an online application clarifies our needs of tracing and measuring things in our softwares, simply because measure is the key to science.

[masked] Networking, Pizza and Beers

Speakers (Relatori)

Gianluca Arbezzano, Site Reliability Engineer at InfluxData

I am a Software Engineer that started my career in Turin as PHP developer. I moved in Dublin to make a new international experience and I almost worked as Build Engineer and DevOps. I recently join the InfluxData team as Site Reliability Engineer, I am taking care of our SaaS platform. Other than that I love open source and I am a Docker Captain and CNCF Ambassador. I am also making my first experience as grower of vegetables!

Sono uno sviluppatore information che hai inziato la sua carriera a Torino come sviluppatore PHP. Mi sono trasferito a Dublino per fare un esperienza internazionale ed ho lavorato come DevOps. Mi sono recentemente unito al Team di InfluxData dove mi occupo principalmente della piattaforma SaaS.

Walter Dal Mut, Solution Architect, Corley SRL

Coming Soon!

Other Info (Altre informazioni)

English in Italy? What's going on? This time the sessions will be in English but all the networking and QA will be in Italian. We took this decision because we will record them and in English, everybody will be able to enjoy them. Don't worry, we are going to have Pizza and beers as good Italian sponsored by CNCF.

Inglese in Italia? Mi prendi in giro? Questa volta le sessioni saranno in inglese ma tutto il resto, networking e domande saranno in italiano. Abbiamo preso questa decisione perché registreremo tutte le sessioni e ci piacerebbe che tutto il mondo possa ascoltarle. Non sará sempre cosí, ma sappiamo che l'IT parla inglese e non sará un problema! Da buoni italiani pizza e birra per tutti a fine evento. Sponsorizzate dalla CNCF.



Thursday, July 13, 2017
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM UTC

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