Show Me Your Code with Dan and Walter: How to contribute to OpenTelemetry JS

Thu, Apr 16, 2020, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

OpenTelemetry is a specification and set of instrumentation libraries developed in open source from multiple companies such as Google,, Dynatrace, LightStep and many more!

OpenTracing and OpenCensus joined the force, and they started a common project called OpenTelemetry that I hope will become the way to go in terms of code instrumentation because I really think it is something we need.

Walter and his team develop in Javascript, frontend and backend and back in the day we experimented OpenTracing but we had some issue and it was not easy to pick up at that time. When I tried OpenTelemetry I realized that it was for him.

He tried it out and he wrote its first opentelemetry instrumentation plugin mongoose, a popular library he uses and that it was not instrumented yet.

Dan will help us to figure how they designed the opentelemetry-js implementation as it is today, the good the bad and the ugly about this experience. I hope to get some feedback about roadmap and future development as well now that the library reached its first release beta.

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