Celebrate New Year with platform stories from LEGO & VELUX


Jan 25, 2023, 3:30 – 7:00 PM

In-person event

What could possibly be the better way to celebrate the New Year, with platform building stories from LEGO and VELUX? We will start the new Cloud Native Copenhagen meet up 2023 wave at the VILLUM Windows Collection Museum with a stunning Japanese Windowology exhibition. There will be good learning, fun building activities, great food and company. Limited spot, first come first serve!

About this event


16:30 Door open, check out the exhibition, finding seat, enjoy snacks and networking

17:00 Welcome by the Cloud Native Copenhagen and Villum windows museum

17:10 Introduction to CNCF

17:15 LEGO - A container has fallen into the river of LEGO City - Start the rescue helicopte

18:00 Break with food and drinks

18:30 LEGO Contest - build a Cloud Native logo

19:00 VELUX - How Kubernetes make windows better windows

19:45 Break with snacks

20:00 Thank you for today

Talk #1

A container has fallen into the river of LEGO City - Start the rescue helicopter

This is a tale about a passion project that hit overwhelming success internally at LEGO, it was promoted as the future compute platform of all of LEGO and was destined for greatness!

Then it hit numerous unexpected road-bumps and the once-great an innovative machinery rusted away, destabilising the platform over time.

We will discuss the challenges of building a platform in the LEGO Group, some war-stories about issues that popped up while the platform was rusting away and finally we will show you the key changes we made to bring the platform stability back in a short amount of time.

Talk #2

How Kubernetes make windows better windows

Windows powered by Kubernetes. What? How and Why? Wait, those are real windows! Yes, we run our industry IoT platform on Kubernetes, both on premises and in the cloud, to help us better produce roof windows.

It’s never easy to work with production machineries. All applications linked to production lines are expected to have 100% uptime when the production is on, and all systems integrated with production sites have to be secured including all their dependencies. In this talk, we will share our learnings on how we overcame the traditional ways of working, and securely implemented an open source based robust platform to serve an 80-year-old manufacturing organization. The set up has enabled us to fully automate the machine-to-machine communication, and explored numerous possibilities without huge license cost; we don’t have vendor lockin, and most importantly, consolidated data from all factories across the world, achieved connectivity between factories and cloud for the first time in VELUX history. 


  • Thomas Øther Rasmussen



  • Lukas Aldershaab



  • Jinhong Brejnholt

    Saxo Bank

    Chief Cloud Architect

  • Kasper Korsholm Christiansen


    IIOT Platform Owner

  • Kasper Nissen

    Lunar Bank

    Lead Platform Architect, CNCF Ambassador



Wednesday, January 25, 2023
3:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


  • Jinhong Brejnholt

    Saxo Bank

    Chief Cloud Architect


  • Jinhong Brejnholt

    Saxo Bank

    Chief Cloud Architect

  • Robert Jensen


    Lead Solution Engineer - Tanzu

  • Mathias Lorenz


    Software/DevOps Engineer

  • Peter Zander Havgaard


    Software/DevOps Engineer


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