February meetup: "Kubernetes at Enterprises: To Boldly Go... Episode 2"

Cloud Native Dallas

Mar 1, 2019, 12:00 – 2:00 AM

In-person event

About this event

This is a second part of several presentations by Verizon experts on Kubernetes adoption in Enterprise.

"We will be sharing the Verizon journey on adopting Kubernetes, and the challenges we had to solve for that are unique to large organizations. We will also be sharing the challenges we ran into adopting and enabling the platform at scale. Our discussion will revolve around:
Capabilities – Solving for the Kubernetes platform services like single sign-on, RBAC for the enterprise
Migration – Retrofitting existing apps to run in Kubernetes
Compliance – Meeting compliance requirements around software and hardware inventory, separation of duty concerns
Security – Implementing an enterprise grade security solution through all facets of software development life cycle
Value Proposition – Rallying everyone (Developers, Security Engineers, Operations Engineers & Management) in the organization to support this initiative and getting past resistance
Our aspiration is to build a community for enterprises by enterprises that focuses on solving for requirements / challenges that are unique to the enterprise organization. We want to share our best practices and lessons learned through our own experience. "

The second session will focus on:

"2. Advanced Challenges We Solved For:
- Automation – Cluster Deployment Automation. Installer(KOPS / KubeAdm) tradeoff, and our experience with building our own.
- Logging – Solving for inconsistent log aggregation. Finding an extensible solution to balance between disparate existing legacy logging solutions and a scalable architecture without operational overhead
- Security – Achieving CIS benchmark compliance. Solving for cloud native security posture for legacy monolithic applications
- Operator Framework / Persistent Volumes / Session Affinity. Where we leveraged and how we solved for it.
- Embracing Google SRE. What worked for us and what is difficult to achieve"

Speakers are:
Ramesh Podila -
Solution Architect at Verizon with experience in application development and systems engineering. Current focus is on building Kubernetes container platform for Verizon.

Ragu Srinivasan -
More than 20 years of experience in Software Development and Application Architecture. As an Associate Fellow at Verizon currently responsible for our cloud migration strategy.

IMPORTANT: Please, make sure to RSVP before February 27th! Security requires names to preprint all badges.

Parking information:
Once you enter the Verizon property follow signs to the visitor parking garage (cellar - not the open lot). The door through the garage to the building will be accessible after hours and once the guest comes in they can check in at the security desk and pick up their badge (Only if their name was on the RSVP list).



Friday, March 1, 2019
12:00 AM – 2:00 AM UTC


  • Mars Toktonaliev

    Lead Organizer

  • Bryan Landes

    Amazon Web Services

    Lead Organizer

  • Aly Ibrahim

    Red Hat

    Solutions Architect

  • Damian Igbe

    Cloud Technology Experts

    Lead Organizer